Waves World 2019 Roadmap

Waves World in Numbers 2019 Roadmap / Year in Review

Waves World Q1 Update and Q2 Roadmap

It’s been a good Q1 for Waves World. Our community has continued to thrive, and we’re very grateful for your support. In this update we’ll review what we have been up to, and what we hope to achieve over the next three months.

First Quarter Achievements

In January we updated the Millionaires Club to become the Top 100 Millionaires Club. There were several reasons for doing this, but the overall idea was to add value for all holders of WW and continue to optimize our token model. The Community Governance Protocol also went live, with the first community suggestions being made.

In February we applied for and were awarded a significant Waves Labs Grant. Waves World wrote a detailed document about the use of blockchain in the loyalty sector, based on our extensive experience, and with several concrete suggestions to be implemented by Waves. We followed through on the Community Governance Protocol, with the community voting to use the Miner Reward Token earned by WW node to buy back WW tokens from the market and redistribute them to leasers. Once approved, our WW dev made sure the process was completely automated. We also made available Amazon Gift Cards on the Waves World Marketplace — accepting WW, WAVES, BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH and TRON, with more to come.

In March WW was listed on Livecoinwatch. A node algorithm adjustment was made, which spread WW distribution more evenly towards the lower end of leases. And — fantastic news — Qualified Token Issuer status was awarded to Waves World by BetterTokens.org!

Second Quarter plans

With key infrastructure, and vision now in place, we’re ready to scale and start offering further services

One of our first moves is to create a development kit and product for an off-the-peg loyalty system — effectively Loyalty-as-a-Service. Grassroots marketing is extremely important for blockchain projects, especially since the large web corporations like Google and Twitter have become more cautious about advertising the tech. To assist in specific project promotion we’ll be hosting contests with WW as prizes using Gleam. We’re currently running a trial campaign on Gleam, which we will report back on when we have the results. We’ll also be offering co-branding with other projects, and the ability to feature Waves projects on the Waves World marketplace. Our Referral Bot will be getting an upgrade, which is important — we get a lot of use out of this and that’s not going to change going forwards.

It’s important we do more than just provide marketing, and we also want to support startups behind the scenes. We’re going to create an automated liquidity and product ordering service for small cap projects who are looking to expand their use case. This will build upon what we have done with automating MRT liquidity, and will first be applied in WW marketplace (where we will be adding several more items including a wide selection of Gift Cards, and much more). We hope that this service will add fundamental value to tokens that would otherwise struggle with liquidity and utility.

We will create a Waves World Bounty Program. Social Media influencers, How to Videos, and other value added-contributions to the community are welcome — education pieces are going to be critical for further adoption. Finally, we’ll be revising our white paper to reflect all of these changes and the other developments we have been making over the past year.

That’s all for now! Thank you all for being one of the most enthusiastic, supportive, engaged and grateful communities in the blockchain space. Your appreciation is a constant source of encouragement to us.

The Waves World Team

Millionaire’s Club Airdrop Update

Waves World Millionaire’s Club Update

As part of our ongoing efforts to maximize benefits for our whole community, we’re looking at making a change to the way rewards are distributed.

In one of our first articles, we described how we were going to create a vibrant token economy. As we explained at the time:

Kick starting and building a thriving economy is all about making sure your token is widely used as a means of commerce. That means two things:

1) Distribution — getting your token out to as many people as possible

2) Redemption — giving people as many ways to spend their tokens as possible

Over the last few months, we have built out our suite of offerings, which now include our crypto marketplace as well as our Waves mining node, tip bot and Millionaires Club.

Our intention has always been to align interests the best we can across all the different groups in the Waves World ecosystem, including those who lease WAVES to our node, who use WW as a transactional currency to buy publicity services or goods from the marketplace, and of course individuals who hold large or small amounts of the token. Larger, long-term holders include those in the Millionaires Club, who receive an additional 3,500 WW per day for each account with at least 1 million WW.

Over the last three months, the number of millionaires has grown to 93, but we have discovered that the way we structured the Millionaires Club has led to unintended consequences:

  • Larger holders can split their WW across more than one account, each of which holds 1 million tokens, thereby receiving multiple airdrops per day.

While both of these factors are completely within the ‘rules’ — this is crypto, and we don’t tell people what they should do with their own money — the result is that building value for one subset of our community has impacted others.

Given that the whole point of Waves World is to create something qualitatively different and better than existing fiat-world systems, we feel this needs addressing. We want to do that now, while we’re still getting started, and in a way that it won’t negatively impact Millionaires (which would also be unfair).

What we propose is an optimization whereby Millionaire rewards will be distributed to the top 100 WW holders (excluding the Issuing account and Marketing fund). Because there are currently fewer than 100 accounts with 1 million WW, no existing Millionaires will be impacted. However, going forwards:

  • Those who hold rather than trade their daily rewards will be more likely to stay in the top 100

We hope and expect that these factors will gently raise the value of WW for everyone, whether or not they hold 1 million or more. All the other benefits for Millionaires will stay the same.

In the coming weeks we’ll be implementing a community voting system, which will make it easier for anyone to propose changes to the WW ecosystem and for holders to vote on them, enabling us to be a truly community-driven project. And of course, there will always be other ways for our community to earn WW. Stay tuned for more announcements and promotions as we go into 2019!

Waves World Community Governance Protocol — effective immediately.

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Waves World

Jan 25

Right from the start, the concept of Waves World was to create a community-driven ecosystem in which users are rewarded for their active participation. Now that we have a working prototype, with our Marketplace up and running and our node ranking in the top #10, it’s time to start handing control over to the community who have made us so successful.

WW token holders will be able to engage with the ecosystem via a new governance system, enabling them to develop and shape the community in the way they think most effective.

Anyone can make a Proposal. These will be filtered by the Waves World board, with viable proposals being put to vote by the community. There will be two types of Proposals:

1. Treasury

This includes anything related to the tokenomics of Waves World, such as Marketplace products, changes to the Top 100 Millionaires Club, and Rewards distribution. For example, someone might propose to extend the Millionaires list to 120 members as the amount of WW in circulation grows, or to list certain specialty items on the marketplace.

2. Node Protocol

This includes how the Waves World node votes on Waves features, the frequency of payout, and the amount of different tokens distributed to leasers. For example, someone might suggest selling any MRT the node receives and using it to buy WW instead, thereby increasing demand.

Submitting proposals

Proposals will be sold on the Marketplace, just like the other services Waves World provides. The cost will be just $3 — just enough to discourage spam without being prohibitively expensive.

The proposal may include up to three requests for change. You can find further information about submitting proposals at WW Marketplace, under services. Proposals will be reviewed by the Board every two weeks, on the 15th of the month, with one of three outcomes:

1) Approved

A public vote will be held. This will include a Voting announcement, published on our social media channels.

2) Tabled

A worthwhile proposal that cannot be implemented at the present time, due to lack of funding, dev overhead, or technology restrictions. The proposal will be rescheduled for later board review.

3) Denied

This will include an explanation of the reasons for the proposal being denied.

Voting Announcements and Results will be posted in the following channels:

Voting process

Votes for approved Proposals will be conducted using Waves World tokens. Participants can send any amount of WW to one of two addresses to signify whether they agree or disagree with the proposals.

To vote Yes, send WW to the address Alias wwyes

To vote No, send WW to the address Alias wwno

The address with highest WW balance when the voting time ends will win the vote.

WW received during the voting process will be redistributed as follows:

  • 10% token burn

The precise figures are, of course, something that could be the subject of one of our early votes.

The Waves World team will offer bounties for approved proposals that are valuable to the community. These bounties will be given at the sole discretion of the Waves World team.

This information will be added to the updated Waves World white paper in due course.

Waves World 2019 Roadmap

1st Quarter

Community Governance Protocol

WP revision

Apply for TSA (Tokenization Standards Association) Token Issuer Status

New Products and Services

Marketplace Services will focus on assisting Startups with development and marketing using our proven growth strategies.

Planned Marketplace Additions

Gift Cards — Amazon, Visa Prepaid, Xbox Live, Playstation

Digital Downloads

Free Educational Blockchain Guides

Ledger Hardware Wallet

Video Content

How to lease Waves, WW Tipping Campaign, Referral Bot and other marketing tools in action.

Marketplace Product showcases

How to use Ledger on Waves


Waves World Blog will transition to feature all things Waves

Planned Waves World Q&A on Waves Platform Telegram

Co-Branding/ Co-Promotions with relevant projects

Referral Bot will be upgraded for maximum effectiveness as a growth tool

AI-enabled chat bot to assist with routine administrative tasks


Digital Collectibles (NFTs) for Marketplace

Gaming Applications for WW Token

AR and VR Applications for Marketplace

Waves World Node

Proposals for changes to node protocol will be voted on

Community voting will start in February for Node and Marketplace

Follow Waves World on social media:

Waves World: December Update 2018

It’s been a fantastic month. Our marketplace launched on Black Friday. Leasing rose well past the 1 million WAVES mark, making us a Top 10 node. Our Millionaires group grew by over 50%. And, as you may have noticed, our Telegram channel caught fire.

November was a big month, with the launch of our signature crypto merchandise marketplace at www.WavesWorld.com/marketplace on Black Friday, 23 November. That has now been accompanied by a Customer Service desk live on WavesWorld.io and on the marketplace itself. This is a requirement for selling specific items such as Ledger hardware wallets, as well as being a good idea in its own right, so we view it as an important step.

We have also started adding Waves World Services to the marketplace, in addition to physical items. You can find out more about the services we provide here: https://wavesworld.io/marketplace/product-category/services/.

In parallel to these developments, our whole ecosystem has expanded dramatically across every channel.

Waves World in figures: 15 December 2018 (30 October)

Social media goes wild

Our Twitter stats have been impressive, with our top metric being 240k retweet reach. Here’s our November summary:

  • Tweets: 53

In particular, our Telegram channel stats bear a little closer examination. We’ve obviously gained the interest of a crypto influencer, who has massively increased our exposure. While there have been scam accounts among these — we’ve been kept busy deleting these as they make themselves known — the majority have been legitimate. The channel has grown exponentially, approaching the 3,000 mark.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some WW, you can either lease your WAVES to our pool or use one of our two faucets or start completing tasks for WW bounties — you can find both on the H2OX exchange platform.

What next?

Priorities for December 2018 and early 2019 will be to provide more services to help blockchain startups. That includes publicity, powered by our airdrop bot, but also content and marketing assistance.

We’re going to be implementing a Voting Protocol for our WW node and community governance, so that WW holders can have a say in how we run the project, and we’ll be updating our white paper to reflect all the changes so far and outline upcoming developments.

Last, but by no means least, we have implemented an affiliates program for the marketplace. At this point, it is only being offered to select individuals. We would love to partner with other crypto projects and merchants — please get in touch with us if you’re interested!

That’s all from us. Have a great Hodlday Season, and we’ll look forward to sharing new developments in the new year!

It’s been a big month of progress for Waves World, with a stack of great stuff coming in the very near future — not least the launch of our flagship marketplace, which will only accept cryptocurrency, including the Waves World Token. But before we head into what we’ve been up to this month and what’s coming down the track, let’s just take a look at how the stats have changed since the end of September:

Waves World in figures: 30 October 2018 (21 September)

As you’ll see from the stats, our Telegram community ( T.me/WavesWorld) has grown enormously — almost 500% in the last 5 weeks. Much of the reason for that is our active engagement with the community, through the use of the tipbot and WW referral/rewards bot. We successfully managed a social media publicity campaign for Simdaq, incentivising retweets using WW and SMQ tokens for our Telegram community, and now that we’ve proven our worth we’ll be offering the same service to other projects too (we have already seen some interest). Stay tuned for valuable Waves World Services offered through our Marketplace to generate revenues and leverage our brand — For Example, Exclusive Merchandise Deals, Marketing Packages, Airdrop Services, Social Media Tipping Campaigns, off-the-peg Referral Bots, plus Banner Ads, Blog writing services, professional project analysis, and other Blockchain advisory services. Waves World has also sponsored the first Waves Mania Trading Game — many of you will be familiar with this popular game, having played it in our Telegram group.

Waves World Marketplace

The big news for November is the Grand Opening of the Waves World Loyalty Rewards Marketplace, the heart of the Waves World ecosystem. This will be the culmination of many months of hard work by the Team. We’re going to be selling a lot of cool crypto merchandise, for crypto alone (no fiat accepted). You can find examples of some of our kit on Twitter, and we’ve already begun testing the order process. Although we only accept cryptocurrency for purchases, we are exploring ways for customers to purchase using fiat, perhaps through gift cards.

The Waves World token was added to the MyCryptoCheckout plugin for WordPress on 29 October, putting WW alongside around 70 other crypto payment options. The idea is to officially launch the marketplace on Black Friday, 23 November. We’ve also started testing a support ticket system for our Node and the marketplace.

Lastly, our co-founder and CEO Alan Dubla visited the World Crypto Conference in Las Vegas, flying the flag for Waves and Waves World at a three-day event that saw over 3,000 members of the crypto world come together to network and listen to some of the biggest influencers of the blockchain space.

Upcoming events

We’ll be running several promotions in November prior to the Marketplace Grand Opening on #BlackFriday2018 (23 November 2018). Stay tuned to our social media channels. Later in November and December, we’ll be updating our Road map, running a new bounty campaign aimed predominantly at You Tubers, social media influencers and translators, and exploring a new rewards protocol for our Millionaires Club and Leasing rewards. More on that nearer the time.

Finally, early next year we’ll be implementing a Community Governance Voting mechanism and revising our white paper with all of these developments and an updated vision for the future.

All that remains is to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the community who have made Waves World such a force to be reckoned with in such a short time. We look forward to seeing those early adopters and believers rewarded for their work — not least with some cool new offers on our marketplace.



Waves World is a Complete Blockchain Loyalty Ecosystem Mining Pool,Marketplace, and Top 300 Loyalty Club Visit WavesWorld.io

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Waves World

Waves World is a Complete Blockchain Loyalty Ecosystem Mining Pool,Marketplace, and Top 300 Loyalty Club Visit WavesWorld.io