Token Update

In an ongoing effort to reduce inflation and improve market value, Waves World is gradually making changes to the daily distributions of the Top 300.

This plan is reducing supply coming onto the market — and with new demand, we expect it will soon have a meaningful effect that benefits everyone.

From June 2018, until June 2019, Waves World airdropped 400,000,000 WW to its Loyal Lessors (approximately 40% of the total supply). In addition, we are distributing 400,00 ww daily to the Top 300.

While this is a welcome bonus for holders, we’re aware that there’s a downside to it.

The large airdrops place significant extra token supply on the market, potentially depressing the value for everyone.

We’re dedicated to make the airdrops both as sustainable and valuable for recipients over the long term.

We are therefore intending to make some gradual changes over the coming months.

Waves World Top 300 Loyalty Airdrops

Waves World is currently airdropping 400,000,000 tokens per month (400,000 WW per day for ~30 days) to the Top 300.

Beginning March 23,2020 the amount is as follows:

Top 100 = 2,700 WW per day
Top 200 = 625 WW per day
Top 300 = 400 WW per day

This schedule will decrease the airdrop to around 375,000 WW per day for 30 days beginning March 23, 2020 cutting a further 25,000 per day each month until the market reacts to scarcity.

Our intention is that the lower supply will result in greater value for those who are able to take advantage of the rewards.

Waves World node and marketplace buybacks, coupled with lower supply being exposed to the exchange, should result in advantageous economics for our end-user base.

Increasing demand

One of the significant benefits to the new emission schedule for the Waves network, launched in November 2019, is that there are now meaningful block rewards. We currently use 10% of these to buy back WW token from the open market — around 150 WAVES worth per week. The WW purchased goes to those who lease WAVES to our node, so they’re getting the most value.

The aim is to put ongoing demand into the token.

As part of our Community Governance Protocol, anyone may propose changes to this plan, and a vote will be made.

That’s all for now!

The Waves World Team






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